Hi there,

Tom Prior here, a software developer from Ireland. I’ve been developing software professionally for 6 years. My first few years were almost all spent in OO programming in Java and Javascript (well Functional Programming in Javascript too) across different business domains from Insurance to Van Pooling to Telecoms software.

I was a guest on the wonderful Developer On Fire podcast recently which you can check out here

I started getting into Functional Programming a couple of years ago, through FP in Javascript initially, and it has transformed my perspective on software development. I took the plunge into Haskell some time ago and absolutely love programming in this language. I’m also a fan of Clojure too. Luckily I get to do a lot of Functional Programming in Scala in my current job – building software driving big data analytics for Enterprise Internal Communications.

I am hoping to share Functional Programming knowledge I have learned and continue to learn on my Functional Programming journey.

I have started a series of blog posts on this site on Functional Programming concepts and tutorials on Haskell, Clojure and Scala and hopefully I can help other developers journey into Functional Programming.

You can also get me on Github, Twitter @priortd and Linkedin

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